Striving to be the best for over 25 years.
Striving to be the best for over 25 years.


Over the period of 20 years, we have come to the conclusion, the simpler the better. Most stones in today's market are treated with an inpregnator from the quarry. This makes the stone stronger and more durable, less likely to need continuous use of sealers. Some stones however, do need to be sealed. At this point, we use a 100% silicone inpregnator. This is the strongest sealer on the market. Under normal circumstances, this products lifespan is over 30 years. However, we suggest that all spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, we recommend using a mild dish detergent and water with a non-abrasive cloth to clean the surface and then simply drying the surface. In our shop, before your project is installed, we clean the surface with a simple car wash detergent that contains a Carnuba wax. This is a mild wax and will not leave a waxy build-up. This does not need to be included in your routine maintenance, but can be done for special occasions (i.e. family gatherings, parties, ect...)."

"One of our most commonly asked questions is about finger prints on dark stones. This is normally caused by a build up of oils and/or heavy waxes found in most store bought cleaners/conditioners. We do not recommend use of these products for this simple reason. When the use of these products ceases, and after several cleanings, the finger prints should start to disapate."

"We also strongly recommend not using any type of cleansers that are abrasives, such as Comet or Soft Scrub. These cleaners can eventually dull the surface of your granite. Corrosive cleaners, such as Windex, Tilex, ect., may not damage once or twice, but over time, these cleaners can open up the Micro-pores of the stone and will eventually cause a haze to the shine on your granite".

- Removal of Nail polish, paint, Ect. - DO NOT try to wipe off the surface.....LET IT DRY. Once dry, use a flat edge razor at a 45 degree angle to remove the substance from the surface of your granite.

- Hard Water Spots -  We recommend the same steps in removal as in the paint removal. Whether having ice cream spilled right before going on vacation for a month or Fluffy knocking over your potted herbs while you are gone, recommended clean up would be the same.

- Fruit Stains - mix bleach with corn starch to the consistency of mayonnaise. Apply directly to the effected area. Cover with plastic bag/wrap and let it sit overnight. Clean with a mild dish detergent and water. If this does not work, please contact us at the office.

- Light Oil Spots - mix non-pigmented acetone nail polish remover with corn starch to the consistency of mayonnaise. Apply to effected area and cover with a plate overnight. Clean with a mild dish detergent and water, This process should remove the oil. It simply breaks it down and may require several applications.

- Chips & Dings - DO NOT attempt to repair these yourself. Any attempt with glues, fillers, apoxy's, ect., will inhibit our success at repairing the damage. Please contact the office. We will be more than happy to assist you with repairs.

DO NOT cut directly on your granite surfaces. in most cases, it will not scratch/damage the granite. However, it will turn an expensive piece of cuterly into a butter knife. We recommend the use of cutting boards and/or sheets instead.

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